Fellowship Vegetarian Potluck Lunch

May 19, 2019 @ 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm

Vegetarian Cookbook

In 2004 the youth of WAPC published a cookbook, Book of Common Recipes, a collection of recipes from Watauga Avenue’s members. The Green Team has decided that it is time to publish a second edition, which we plan to call A Book of Uncommon (Vegetarian) Recipes.
This process will take a while, and there is no publication deadline, but we are beginning to collect recipes now, and we need your help.
We will begin the process with a vegetarian after-church potluck meal on Sunday, May 19th. As you prepare the dish you are going to bring, please make a copy of the recipe and give it to Sally Gerhardt or Marcia Songer or turn it in to the church office. And as you plan your meals in the coming months, be aware of whether the food you are preparing would qualify as vegetarian (not requiring the slaughter of an animal) or vegan (containing no animal products) or could be easily modified by omitting a single meat product, and contribute those you particularly like. We are especially interested in recipes that contain protein to replace that in meat, but there will be sections for appetizers and snacks, main dishes, vegetable and fruit dishes with added protein (dairy products, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds, for example), salads, breads and desserts.
The rationale for this cookbook is that eating less meat is better for the environment, our health and the animal kingdom. WAPC has a bunch of excellent cooks, and we believe we can easily demonstrate that a vegetarian or vegan meal can be fun to prepare and fun to eat. Even the cook who is not interested in reducing her meat consumption might find a vegetarian cookbook handy when a grandchild shows up for a visit from college and announces, “Grandma, I forgot to tell you, I’m a vegan now.”