Christian Education

Adult Education

Every September WAPC enjoys Rally Sunday – an event to kick off Christian Education classes and programs. Two adult education classes are currently offered, New Ventures and Genesis.

New Ventures is a Bible study, and Genesis reads and discusses various books of interest to the group. Members of both groups take turns leading the discussion.

Education classes begin at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings, and all are welcome.

Children’s Sunday School

Watauga Avenue provides a full nursery for our smallest children. Other classes for children up to 8th grade are always available, and every child is welcome to attend.


The youth of WAPC are always encouraged to be part of Sunday morning worship. They can be found lighting candles, reading scripture, and joining in special worship services throughout the year.

Conformation Class, taught by Reverend Pat is offered as needed for youth wishing to become members of Watauga Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Holston Presbytery owns a beautiful camp in the mountains near Hickory Nut Gap, Tennessee. Several times a year our youth attend exciting programs offered by the camp. The Adult Education team provides full scholarships to these events and all are encouraged to attend.