Fellowship Meals and Food

Monthly Fellowship Potluck Lunches 

After a nearly two year hiatus our first Fellowship potluck lunches returned  last September 2022 to welcome our new pastor, Brandon Davis.   Since then we have held our monthly potluck lunch on the last Sunday of the month following morning worship.   Sometimes there is a theme; sometimes it’s just a regular potluck.   But mainly we enjoy the fellowship with one another after worship and sampling the delicious homemade specialties.   Recent lunches has included a Cinco de Mayo, a Mother’s Day theme, and a Vegetarian Lover’s Delight.   Our Father’s Day barbeque picnic was held at Winged Deer Park in June.

Our upcoming potluck lunch at the end of September will be an Anniversary Fellowship Brunch ( a light meal of brunch delights). 

Everyone at Watauga Avenue Presbyterian loves their food and fellowship!

The Lunch Bunch IS BACK

After being on hiatus during the COVID pandemic, the Lunch Bunch once again invites all churchgoers to enjoy a meal together each week following Sunday worship. The group eats at locally owned restaurants featuring a wide variety of cuisines. Lunch Bunch restaurant choices include Asian/Chinese/Japanese, Cuban, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, and good ole’ Southern cooking among others.  We are always on the lookout for a new place to discover – and for new friends to join us!  Our restaurant selections will appear on our calendar.  So check it out!